Loan Policies

Loan Policies

NOLA Payday Loans rigidly adheres to federal regulations concerning loan terms and costs.

Get The Cash You Need With A Quick Payday Loan
Get The Cash You Need With A Quick Payday Loan

We provide our customers with all the necessary information for responsible loan decisions.

We believe that an informed consumer can make the best choice from the loan services that we offer.

All information about rates, fees, and charges will be disclosed by our professional staff member before you sign any agreements as required under the Federal Truth in Lending Act.

Get Your Loan Fast At NOLA Payday Loan – New Orleans, LA
Get Your Loan Fast At NOLA Payday Loan – New Orleans, LA

Debt Collection

At our company, our collection practices are governed by the provisions of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

NOLA Payday Loans will not:

Contact Customers by Phone before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
Annoy, Harass, or Use Abusive Language When Communicating with the Customer
Use Deception or Misrepresentation in Transactions
Threaten Legal Recourse When No Legal Action Is Permitted
Late Payment & Non-Payment Policy
Vehicles that are used for Title Loans are pledged as collateral for the loan. Additional charges may apply if your payment is late or worse, if you fail to repay your loan or redeem the vehicle under the agreement, the vehicle will be automatically repossessed and sold.

State Regulations

Aside from federal regulations, various states have their own respective laws that regulate businesses. These laws may also determine any of the following:

Interest Rates
Rollover Limits

Loan Renewal Policy

State regulations also govern loan renewal policies. Dollar amounts may increase substantially based on the charges and interest rates dictated by each state’s renewal policy. If the state regulation allows repayment term extensions, then dollar amounts may increase.

Credit Check

It is a common misconception that poor credit history calls for higher interest rates. Although certain loan amounts may require the customer to undergo credit checks, it is in our policy that your credit score will not affect the interest rates or charges for your loan